Case studies

Our case studies illustrate the sort of things we can do. We are a very small informal flexible company. We always start by finding out the problems that the client has, and then their wishes. We do not have sales targets, and do not wish for, or indeed plan, projects to be any larger than they need to be. If one or two days work is sufficient, then so be it. We strongly believe in educating the client and working with their in house technical staff. We work with other associate consultants, so could create a team for larger projects, but often that is not needed. Where we make equipment and products we tend to work with smaller suppliers of known expertise, and always go through stages of prototyping where the customer can see what they are getting at an early stage. We are very happy when we also have access to the client’s end-users, where we often get our ‘hands dirty’, and find out exactly what is working and what is not.