About OSYS


OSYS Technology Limited is an Electronic Engineering Company, with a strong research focus. Our mission is to provide consultancy and engineering design in our unique areas of expertise of:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Mobile Data Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Electronic Systems for use in challenging environments
  • Control and Instrumentation Systems for Utilities.
  • Information Security

Our main client base comprises the major utilities, and businesses in the service sector, in local government and several universities. Our main business partners are based in the UK,  Italy and Germany.  OSYS invests significantly in R&D in its own concepts and in developing know-how.

OSYS was entrusted by the European Commission to co-ordinate large multinational research projects in the field of advanced Ground Penetrating Radar.

OSYS’s specially designed electronic systems can be found in applications as diverse as Newcastle City Council refuse trucks where they support planning and routing, right through to bespoke sensor systems for Antarctic Explorers, exploring deep into ice fields.

Wea are a UK limited company established in 1996. OSYS Technology was founded by three chartered electronic engineers and two of these continue to own and actively manage the business: Howard Scott and Dr Ken Jenkins.

Our approach

All projects are different, as are our clients’ needs. We have many satisfied clients for whom we have simply done two days work and helped solve a technical problem which allowed their own teams to use that information to develop their own solutions in-house.  We also find that some clients require a deliverable solution and a firm price. In those cases, once investigated, understood and specified, we will work with your, or our own trusted sub contractors to deliver items, and in some cases to have these installed in the field and supported over their lifetime. Although we do have a small portfolio of products, we are focused on bespoke solutions, and on advanced areas of technology where we believe our know-how is almost unique.