Project examples

We have prepared a set of case studies to illustrate some of the varied and novel work we undertake:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar for utility surveying
  • Drill Tip Ground Penetrating Radar for utility services
  • Mobile Computer Systems and their practical integration with your business and fleet
  • Rugged Electronic and Communications systems
  • Ground Radar for polar exploration
  • Utility Control Systems consultancy
  • GPS and associated mapping issues

Mobile Computer Users Group

The OSYS Mobile Computing Consultancy manages the secretariat for the Mobile Computer Users Group.

The group, formed in 1996 by IT and Operations Managers in the major service, utility and emergency services. The mission remains the sharing of knowledge and best practice, helping to devolve the benefits of IT usage to mobile front line and ‘blue collar’ operations. The MCUG facilitates information-sharing and holds meetings of its members, drawn from the field-service, government and utility community.