Ground penetrating radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)for utility surveying

Radar can be used to see through the ground, and locate buried objects and utility services. Our independent expertise in survey radar technology, and our association with both advanced research in the field, and some of the worlds foremost suppliers of GPR allows OSYS to offer a unique consultancy in this area of surveying.

Drill Tip Ground Penetrating Radar for utility services

Building on our radar expertise, we are working with our partners developing a new radar that fits in the tip of a ‘mole’ allowing it to see ahead, whilst drilling under the street.

Ground Radar for polar exploration

When Arctic explorers wondered if they could search deep in to the Ice cap using minature hot-drill (GPR) Radar they came to OSYS for the answer. Our prototype radar is allowing Northumbria University to plan ground breaking research in the remotest places on earth.

Read the following  case studies for examples of our experience in this field:

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